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Shen Yun Performing Arts Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.4 Stars)

Number of reviews: 188



5.0 star rating Alice from Seattle, Washington


This show is not only speak to my intellect, but also speak to my heart and soul.

5.0 star rating Michael from Boise, Idaho


Saw the performance last year in Seattle—very, very well done. Top notch in every respect. A genuine glimpse into China's ancient culture.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Seattle, Washington


I find this show to be a truly remarkable production. I have watched it several years in a row and find it amazing that each year they create a whole new show. The technical abilities of the dancers in Shen Yun is far beyond any other Chinese dance performance I have seen. Their ability to dance in perfect synchronization just blows my mind. How do they do it? To make all the costumes is its self amazing. Such delicate fabric has to be hand sewn. They are truly gorgeous. As a musician that loves classical music I am transfixed by the way they have blended Chinese and western instruments in such a flawless fusion to create a new sound. It is like whole new way to express music that is at once contemporary yet ancient. The scenes from contemporary China are so moving. Such great traditions have been lost to the communist rule. I am always left with a great sense of hope for not only China but all of humanity after seeing Shen Yun. I say its a must see show

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Seattle, Washington


This is not to be missed - very high quality performance.

5.0 star rating Portland fan from Portland OR


I just want to post a quote from the interview with Gary Behrmen, professor and Dean at St. Louis University, “I am breathless. It is visually spectacular, awe- inspiring, brilliant, and amazing. It is a planetary experience that there is hope in the air. What I have seen on this stage is that expression of hope. Having an event like this brings me hope that … all cultures can recreate the planet in a harmonious way.” Actually, there are thousands of enthusiastic reviews from media and audiences around the globe! Please watch and read 06/24/after-hours

5.0 star rating CW from Eastern Washington


I went to Shen Yun two years ago with my family. They were enchanted, even my rather macho son-in-law and 9 year old grandson. which rather surprised me. What a remarkable group of young people, and the story of the troupe itself is inspiring. My aunt was so impressed with the professionalism of the performers, and I love the costumes.

5.0 star rating Jenny from Seattle, Washington


Shen Yun is reconnecting us to the traditional Chinese culture heritage. Since 2006, our family has been watching the Shen Yun show each year. We are amazed by the beautiful costumes that show the richness in China's past. Our kids love the stories, from journey to the west to legends of mulan, it is the best way to learn the 5,000 years of Chinese civilization.

5.0 star rating Rachael from Seattle, Washington


My husband and I have been seeing Shen Yun show together every year, and we have benefited a lot from many uplifting and positive stories in the show. My family lives a harmonious and high quality life more than ever before...

5.0 star rating Weichu from Seattle, Washington


I watched their performance in 2012. It was really nice experience. I feel dancers were all like flying to the sky and landing on the pillow... it was really amazing! Furthermore, I especially love their colorful costumes and animated backdrop. They perfectly match together. Through their story based beautiful and graceful dance with unique live music, I can realize the ancient Chinese culture and its realm. I was even like one of them immersing in a profound universe.. It was really a inspiring show! Strongly recommend it for everyone.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Seattle, Washington


I enjoyed the show so much that I hope it never ends! It's great that Shen Yun comes to Seattle again. I can enjoy it one more time. :-)

5.0 star rating Lily from Oregon


My family watched the performance at Seattle last year. It was amazing and awesome. We will definitely watch it again this year.

5.0 star rating Yun Lau from Everett, Washington


I spent over 30 years back in China, never watched a show like this. It is soooo spectacular and unique! I have tears in my eyes when I watched it and my heart was so deeply touched by the music and story. It is something not only for Chinese, it is for everyone. Once you watch it, it is something unforgettable in your life time!

5.0 star rating Steve Lee from Portland, OR


I have seen this shows 6 times, and I brought my family to the show 5 times. Just check those pictures, those backdrop, the dancers' movement and facial expression, the beauty is stunning, and the culture they presented is inspiring. No group can present something as pure and as sincere as this group.

5.0 star rating Ethan from Seattle, Washington


It is absolutely wonderful! I like it so much. I will watch it again this time.

5.0 star rating Tony from Seattle, Washington


It is so colorful and beautiful.

5.0 star rating Ellie from Snoqualmie, Washington


Last year I went with a friend, a 60 year old real estate broker, to see Shen Yun. Before seeing the show, he did not quite know why he wants to watch a show that "revives the 5,000 years of Chinese culture". But when the curtain rises on the 1st program, he knew. He told me afterwards, "I have never seen a show like this! I had tears in my eyes just listening to the music, and I don't know where it's coming from!" Another friend of mine, a 50 year old scientist, watched Shen Yun last year too. On his spare time, he practices and teaches a meditation from India. His story was even more amazing to me. He told me that he had neck ailment for a long time. But as soon as he entered the theatre, his neck pain was gone. He said, the energy field is that strong in the theatre! Well, I am not too surprised given that in ancient China, traditional music was used for healing, and even in battle to fight the enemy. The 5,000 years of ancient Chinese culture is just that astonishing!!

5.0 star rating Jan Ran from Seattle, Washington


Their artistic value and beauty was beyond my imagination, I was impressed from the beginning until the end. The costumes were so beautiful and the backdrops so splendid. They are amazingly fantastic and beyond my imagination! They are truly remarkable.

5.0 star rating Kathy from Seattle, Washington


My familfy have seen this show for recently two years and it is really a abulous show. My fail is exciting to see this year's show.

5.0 star rating S.P. from Seattle, Washington


I've seen the Shen Yun show for the last 2 years, and can't wait for this year's performance. I love all the vibrant colors and the beautiful music. I've never seen a performance that uses an animated backdrop like this before.

5.0 star rating Donna from Seattle, Washington


I love the Shen Yun performances! They are so beautiful and touching-- they give me chills, bring tears to my eyes and inspire me. I now go every year to the Seattle performance. Because they tour around the States, my family members around the country have had the chance to see performances as well. It's great that we can all share what our favorite piece was. I am always amazed how the performers can move in such synchronicity. And, they sometimes seem to be able to defy gravity! McCaw Hall is such a beautiful venue as well. A perfect place to showcase such a magnificent performance.

5.0 star rating Forrest from Seattle, Washington


This is the most beautiful show I have ever seen. I was moved to tears more than once. The dancers are world class and the stories are very deep. Excellent show for children as well.

5.0 star rating Michael from Renton, Washington


This is such an beautiful, amazing performance. The colors and visual back drop are dazzling, truly a feast for the eyes. If you haven't seen this, you need to go!

5.0 star rating Yang from Seattle, Washington


It is beautiful. I will watch it again this year.

5.0 star rating Ava from Seattle, Washington


I have been hearing about Shen Yun for quite a few years now. As a fan of Cate Blanchett, when I realized she took her entire family to see the show, I thought this show must really be something. I was watching Lord of the Rings reruns and I thought, "Hey, she watched Shen Yun!" At last, I convinced my husband to go see this; I am so glad I did. All I can say is that you must watch it at least once to get the full experience. I heard afterwards this show isn't allowed in China. I can see why... because they are not fake like everything else the communist does. This show is Made in the USA, and not Made in China. I am sold.

5.0 star rating Sandy from Seattle, Washington


I have seen this show three times in Seattle, and am returning to see Shen Yun again this year. Each year there are new dances and the backgrounds just keep getting better and better. I have never been disappointed. It is quite uplifting to see all the beauty and colors presented in the show, especially when the days are grey and rainy outside, it is a breath of spring in winter and I always come out with new inspiration and my spirits uplifted! I would definitely recommend to someone planning a great night out in Seattle.

5.0 star rating Quan Liu from San Francisco, Washington


I just watched it in San Francisco today. You have to go to the theatre by yourself to feel its magnificence.

5.0 star rating William from Peoria, Illinois


I have seen this show several times, since they develop totally new programs every year. I would say it's the best show I have ever seen! It's just so exciting, inspiring, and also educational. I like it.

5.0 star rating Kevin Liu from Vancouver, British Columbia


It's a show I have never seen before, considering the full-stage large digital animation backdrop- it extends the stage not only to high above the heaven, but also transport me back to thousands of years ago. Impressively beautiful !

5.0 star rating Ann from Burneyville, Oklahoma


Saw the show in Oklahoma City on March 25th this year. It was a great experience and a very enjoyable evening. A show every age will enjoy.

5.0 star rating Fredy wolfe from Rochester, New York


When I first experienced shenyun I knew its was the most heartouching blessing that I have ever received from such dedicated talented young people . This show deserves every single half star or star rating that it has received and once you sit in the theatre you will not regret what you have seen. You will leave the theatre with tears of joy from the beatiful message sent from the from the smiles:-) on all of their faces. Hope fully you will leave that theatre feeling refrreshed and reborn fom tthe show and I promise you that every year they come you will run to the theatre like a child running down stairs to reciev their christmas presents. IHighly recomend this show and I hope you will too. Even if you don't see this show more than once it will be an experience you will never ever forget and you will appreciate the day that you were showed in great detail and beaty the importance of ancien tasian civilizations and others too.SHenyun is truly the best

5.0 star rating MaLisa from Fernandina Beach, Florida


I took my mother and sister two years ago. It was amazing! The talent of these folks really shines through in their performance. The show was beautiful and we sat at the edge of our seats the whole time. I am so excited to see that it is coming back to Jacksonville this year. I can't wait to take my kids too.

5.0 star rating Legend from Austin, Texas


I am a lover of classics, music and dance. Ballet attracts people for its movement, symphony touches soul through tones. But, this show comes to a perfect match for both. I have seen it in Austin last December, and couldn't help to spend the next day seeing it for the second time. Many of the bad comments here are pretty misleading, how could you feel satisfied for a classical Chinese dance only expecting a ballet? It is DIFFERENT genre! To clarify some common misunderstandings, say, all programs are repeating. They are about totally different stories, but meanwhile all 20 programs manifest an integrity of spirit, compassion and braveness. Believe me or not, you gonna never see shows of this level anywhere else.

5.0 star rating Marina from Chicago, Illinois


Shen Yun is the best show I have ever seen. I go to see it every year since 2012. Each year it is new! How you can describe the pure beauty of the experience in words? Check out on youtube Russian ballerina talk about this with tears in her voice. She understands the beauty and hard work to make it happened. I can't wait to see Shen Yun 2016 show. We all dream to become better! Shen Yun leads us there to Truthfulness and Compassion by that hard work and such great team working together for all us. Thank you Shen Yun!

5.0 star rating Carmen from Renton, Washington


A very well done performance. You can tell the dancers enjoyed themselves immensely. There were two points in the show where I was moved to tears. A beautiful way to spend a few hours. At McCaw Hall, there isn't a bad seat in the house.

5.0 star rating Annette B. from Omaha, Nebraska


Spectacular performance! Every move, every dance scene was perfect and unique Worth the money and a must see for all performing arts lover. Each year is different. I plan on attending next year as well.

5.0 star rating Gwenevere from Las Vegas, Nevada


I have seen the performance 2 years in a row and it gets better and more breath taking each time. Love, Love, Loved it; will be back next year. Given the opportunity it's a MUST see.

5.0 star rating Glenn J Meade from Warwick, Rhode Island


Amazing performance I hope to see this year

5.0 star rating Sabrina Hu from Vancouver, British Columbia


i went to see ShenYun twice because they have a new production each year. i have never seen a show like this before. ShenYun has the visual part which are the dazzling costumes, animated backdrop and synchronized movements. it also has the invisible part that is the righteous values and education components embedded in each story dance. Basically, everyone can pick something they like from the show, whether it is the dance, live music, costumes or the stories from ancient to contemporary China. ShenYun is like a time machine that brings me back to different time and space!

5.0 star rating Colleen from New York, New York


From the beginning to the end, you are enraptured by these Magical Performances. Enjoyment, Entertainment, and an Awakening of your Spirit!

5.0 star rating Terence Marin from Chicago, Illinois


Shen Yun is a magical experience of performing arts. It is both delightfully entertaining and inspiringly beautiful. I wish I could see it more often! If you have not seen a ballet, opera, symphony concert, or Shakespeare before or very recently then you might need to change your mindset. This is truly fine art, and just like with those art forms you have to appreciate the incredible discipline and the supreme attention given to depicting pure beauty. Further, some of the pieces heroically expose the human rights atrocities that the people of Hong Kong and the 1.4 billion people in China, and really the whole world (under China's influence), are facing. These performers should be given the Nobel Peace Prize. It is good for families and in fact I bring my whole family every year. It is highly recommended. You can't get any better than this.

5.0 star rating Elaine Capogeannis from San Jose, California


tunning dancing and live orchestra, as well as singing. Beliefs are portrayed in some scenes -- but if this were a Greek Orthodox Christian show (which I am and which we have) then that would have been the subject matter.  Go in understanding they're also presenting their beliefs -- and enjoy the show watching a culture's ways. Moving -- mind blowing timing, lovely orchestration, and sheer love in what the dancers do.  Not only are the dancers near perfect, not only do they push the boundaries, they glow from within in their craft.  They obviously love what they do. We went twice in one week. Two different family members separately gave me tickets .. I didn't think it was possible to like a show so much a second time days later, though I wanted to see it again.  And then we were floored at how excellent it was, how stunning, still even 2 days later.  So I had to write this.

5.0 star rating Suong Ha from Scottsburg, Indiana


My best favorite show I’ve been to.

5.0 star rating from Louisville, Kentucky


Inspiring, educational, uplifting. Shen Yun promotes good traditional values. I took my child to see the performance multiple times over the years. He enjoyed it.

5.0 star rating Lee Huynh from Houston, TX


I was surprised about the negative reviews posted on here, so I felt I had to say something to do Shen Yun justice. Many people may not be aware of the authentic Chinese culture that has been destroyed in China in recent decades, and hence could not comprehend the significant meaning and beauty Shen Yun brings to the audience. I have met many experts and professors studying China who have been impressed by the accurate description of Chinese culture in Shen Yun. It is a wonderful show, and we have made it a tradition to go see the show every year. The dancing, the music, the costumes, and the story-telling are really beautiful, precise, and awe-inspiring. You can tell these performers and musicians have poured their hearts and souls to entertain the audience. Of course, art is in the eye of the beholder, so I suggest everyone to look at positive reviews, including the videos posted online, and make a judgment for yourself if you want to go or not.

5.0 star rating from Evansville, Indiana


This show is amazing and beautiful... Need to come and see this show again

5.0 star rating Nancy D from Providence, Rhode Island


I found this to be so uplifting. The dancers were awesome, the costumes were elegant and the portrayal of the Chinese culture was honorable. It was refreshing to see women dancers who possess a true sense of femininity and grace. Sadly those who immerse themselves in our current culture couldn’t possibly appreciate this play because they have a lack of understanding of the evil of communism. I am a Christian and even though I don’t believe in their gods, I can at least appreciate the fact that they believe in something rather that the false atheism that pervades the current culture and brainwashes many into the twisted idea that good.

5.0 star rating Jane from London


I treated myself to this show as a "Australia Day" gift, the show didn't fail to delight, it was amazing to see the performers being transported into the backdrop. the music told the story without words so boldly that I found myself being transported into their world as well. The mix of instruments was exceptional with the traditional Chinese sounds tugging at your heart. Shen Yun thank you for making my day an amazing one and I hope that you continue to amaze for many years to come.

5.0 star rating John Wen from Evansville, Indiana


Amazing ... 5,000 years of journey ... beside beauty, soul in it

5.0 star rating Jenny from Orlando, Florida


My daughter and I have seen Shen Yun for the past five years. We bought the tickets as Christmas gifts, and that is the only Christmas gift I wanted for myself. I also brought my mother to see the show. Every time when I watched the show, something in it really touched my heart and brought tears to me. It is such a beautiful and amazing performance in high quality. I love every aspect of the artistic part of it, the dances, the colorful costumes, the live orchestra, the backdrops… I also love the unique history, the culture, as well as the positive and inspiring stories it presented. I felt my mind got purified and my heart got refreshed when leaving the theater. Shen Yun is the best performance show I have seen ever! It is a must see for everyone…

5.0 star rating Patrick Tai from Evansville, Indiana


Absolutely recommend to everyone. The classical Chinese dances brings the stories from ancient Chinese culture on to the stage. The costumes and the colors are just unbelievable. At last year’s performance, I felt at peace. It was a powerful feeling of serenity. I wanted to stay in that moment forever. It is unlike anything I have ever seen.

5.0 star rating Lee H. from Houston, Texas


The best show we have ever watched! Beautiful colors, amazing dancing, unique music, kid-friendly, and very educational about authentic Chinese culture. We have been going to Shen Yun for a few years now, and it has never disappointed us. We highly recommend everyone to watch the show at least once in your life!

5.0 star rating Alice from Auckland


Beautiful and amazing costume! The dance are truly talented. Very interesting performance and heart touching stories of Falungong. I wish one day Shen yun will perform in China!

5.0 star rating Dolphina Tai Tai from San Antonio, Texas


Outstanding in every respect. A quality production. So pleased we got to see it, and we look forward to next year's tour.

4.5 star rating Anonymous from Everett, Washington


I love the live music Shen Yun orchestra presents, which is a combination of western and eastern musical instrument. I especially adore the double string violin.

4.5 star rating Anonymous from Seattle, Washington


With all of the uncertainty and difficulties faced in China right now, it is great to see such a celebration of Chinese heritage and true traditional culture. I loved seeing the show last year. Beauty and grandeur like I had never seen before.

4.0 star rating Tia from Detroit, Michigan


The Shen Yun performance is gorgeous- full of colors and effects with clearly hard-working dancers and creative choreography. However, the Detroit Opera House is a horrible layout for this performance. The main floor especially is hardly on an incline- so children and adults struggle to see the performance completely or with any peace between shifting heads in the front rows. A better theater is needed for this so that everyone can enjoy actually seeing this production.

4.0 star rating Brandon from San Francisco, California


I am an American born Chinese person. I wanted to do something nice for my grandma so I bought tickets for her and my mom and aunt. Then I read the reviews and got a little worried. Bad reviews, show is done by those weirdos in Chinatown who have posterboards of mutilated bodies etc. I was like oh great I just wasted 400 dollars. Well went to see the show, and my family really liked it. Both my mom and aunt were in a Chinese dance troupe and they said the dancing was legit. My grandma also really liked it. I fell asleep during the cult number, but my family said it was weird, but overall they said they really enjoyed the show.

4.0 star rating C.B. from Pittsburgh, PA


Initially, I jumped on the tickets when I saw the commercial on TV. We have always loved Cirque de Soleil and figured this may be similar. THEN, I started reading reviews of Shen Yun and started to worry. To my great relief and surprise, we all loved the show. The colors are absolutely beautiful, backdrop was surreal, fabrics for costumes was gorgeous, history of each dance very interesting and orchestra was fantastic. I went with my sport-loving husband and 12 year old son. They may not have appreciated it as much as I did, but they did stay entertained and liked the show. As much as I liked it, the ticket price was a bit steep (hence the 4 star review). Still, happy we saw it and think any "theatre-goer" would have a good time and want to see the show at least once. SIDE-NOTE: None of us noted any political or religious overtones as stated by other reviews.

3.0 star rating JD from Aurora, Illinois


The dancing and music performances were good, but i was left wanting more acrobatic and thrilling stunts. The costumes were colorful and fit well with the performers. For what you pay i was expecting more elaborate routines or more stunning visuals, but i have seen other musical performances that outshine this show. I took my mother, wife and two young children and none of us left getting what we expected. We saw the performance at the Paramount Theater and the seating was not great. I sat two rows behind a tall gentleman so I was going side to side in my seat trying to get a decent view the whole show. My young children could barely see anything over the heads of people in front of us too. The seating is not stadium seating, so it's the luck of the draw if you have a good view or not. Based on myself and the people around me, i was not the only one with this problem. Unless you really want to see this show and are okay with a slight religious undertone, save your money.

3.0 star rating A Nani Mouse from Seattle, Washington


2/3 of the show was decent Chinese dancing and 1/3 was "Falun Dafa Is Good" propaganda with Chinese police beating dissidents, a piano number singing how only repenters will be saved, and an ending where a heavenly tidal wave destroys communist China and the rapture- equivelant occurs in hokey cgi. That said I liked the scholars dance, the soldiers dance, and would watch another Miao dance even if the scientologists put it on. Overall mediocre for date night.

3.0 star rating from Boise, ID


There were about 6-8 pure dancing routines, and I thought 2-3 of them were good. The rest seemed recycled from the other routines, with just different background and outfits. The costumes were bright and a huge positive. There were 6-8 "plays" (ballet/dance) of which 2-3 were entertaining. The rest were pretty basic ballet and nothing special. Almost ALL of the "plays" were religious based which was kind of a turn off. The music was good, but after 2+ hours of it, it became VERY monotonous. A singer came out and she literally sang the same song twice - back-to-back. Once was plenty. It was a religious song with about 50 words. There were two MCs: a young white male and a young Asian women. They were pretty flat and lame. It was VERY annoying that she would repeat everything in Chinese. We are not in China. I don't think it added to the show. It annoyed. If you really love ballet, you would like this show; Otherwise, the show was 3 stars at BEST.

3.0 star rating Hibert from Tucson, Arizona


The show was a beautiful display of color, dance and music. The music was played well but was as repetitive as the dance. It was billed as traditional Chinese art but I felt it fell far short of conveying anything traditional, other than a few musical instruments and some folkloric stories. But what disappointed me the most was the political / religious overtones that just got more heavy handed as the show progressed. Not to give anything away but, the final few acts were nothing but propaganda from the members of the Falun Gong "religion". This was started in 1992 in Southern China, quickly spread and the members have been persecuted by the Chinese government off and on ever since.

2.0 star rating Alex K from Toronto, Ontario


I enjoyed many of the dances, and the costumes and music could be very pleasant. However, the show was far too heavy-handed politically, and the advertising did not give an accurate picture of the kind of show we would receive. Some of the dances told a fun story and I especially enjoyed some of the instrumental content, but the opera singers and several dances were quite preachy. The CGI backdrop was cheesy, and a final dance of Buddha wiping out Falun Gong persecutors in a wave of judgment was, well...not what I came to see. The price of the tickets did not at all reflect the quality of the show. Beware of Shen Yun!

2.0 star rating Mark Oesterlin from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


This show is a compilation of styles of different classical dances from China. The Chinese government, since the communist revolution, has worked to eradicate what it considers to be elitist art. These dance and music styles have been eliminated from China, but some Chinese peole here in America have perserved the art. The dance styles and costumes are very beautiful and interesting, but unless you speak Chinese, the singing and overall performance tends to be long and boring. There's no overall story, since it is styles from across many centuries. I'm glad I wnt to see it one time, but I probably won't ever go again.

2.0 star rating Denny from Seattle, Washington


Saw the 2018 Shen Yun performance at McCaw Hall, My wife and I were "prepared to be amazed", but left very disappointed. The performers were great, but the show lacked an easy flow. After each set, two narrators appeared on stage to introduce the next set and explain everything. The make narrator tried to inject some lame humor from time to time, and that just didn't work. Would have been better to just eliminate the narrators and let the crew change sets with curtains closed. Beside the continual communism beating, we noticed a definite western bent on the show. The kicker for us was the scene where one male dancer happened to plant his face in the rear end of another male dancer. Dancer A proceeds to fart in dancer B's face, knocking him over backwards. Very funny. Just the kind of thing we were hoping to see in this production. So sad! We had cheap seats ($90.00 ea), and I was happy that we didn't get the expensive ones. Overall, not worth the cost for parking,

2.0 star rating Anatoliy K from Venice, FL


The show was not like one piece that you watch from the beginning to the end on one breath (like for example cirque du soleil "O"). Two hosts after each dance number were so boring bringing all dynamics of this concert so down. The technical part of the show was also poor and outdated, may be 10 years ago this video projection of poor quality was great. The orchestra sound must be better - this is 2018 and they should use microphones to make a perfect sound to connect to the "show". There are some ridiculous dance numbers with cell phones and all these communist anti-propaganda. There is no leitmotif and logically developed direction - just chaos. And stage also looked poor because there were no decorations and they relied on this poor projection on a screen. Bottom line - we are very disappointed. Lost money and time. If you think that we are the only people who complain on this show, type in google " south san francisco shen yun review on yelp". Not recommend this at all.

2.0 star rating Gaby from Vancouver, British Columbia


Oh my... where to start... This show is definitely overpriced for what it really is... Costumes are colorful, and the dancers are good (not that impressive), but there is so MUCH political and religious propaganda, that's is both, unethical and outrageous. Went to see this show in Vancouver, March 24 2018 and I was shocked of how much propaganda content there was. Also, we found the flying spirits, angels and demons in and out of the huge video screen were super tacky and kind of ridiculous. The banner they showed despicting "Falong Dafa is good", and the communist bad guys beating good samaritans were like the (rotten) cherry on the top of the cake... If I would have known about this , I would have never paid $119 each ticket. Felt like we contributed for their political and religious campaign... We just want to let people know so they can take a better informed decision than we did!. If the propaganda doesn't bother you, and you're willing to spend $120 or more each ticket, go for it

2.0 star rating Robert Ebright from Mesa, Arizona


The costumes were beautiful, but for the $100.00 per ticket it wasn't worth the money. The dances were the same over and over again. In between each set a lady came out speaking Chinese. why? This is the USA. The show advertisement is better than the show. I would not recommend it. We were a group of four and no one liked the show. The theater was ok, but there was a lot of people that kept talking during the show. The advertisement make the show appear better than it is. The reviews they show, are individuals who were paid to give a great review.

2.0 star rating from Toronto, Ontario


I was waiting with impatience for the concert after watching some interviews on Internet. The concert turned to be a boring and primitive level of performance. Some dancers are skilled, but the rest are very entry level dancers. Very sad, that all these fake interviews are made with the help of really professional people in the USA. Some have tears rolling on their cheeks. FAKE TEARS! It is a shame to display Shen Yun as a masterpiece of a Chinese dance. I know what Chinese dancers can do, but I didn't see a real dance in this concert. Huge money and very bad dance.

2.0 star rating A nonny mouse from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Hadn’t read reviews hefore I saw this show and 20 minutes unto it..I was already looking at my watch. The dances changed little ..just the costumes. The backscreen was the only set decoration and I tired of the dancers jumping to be hidden from vire so their digital images were projected on Backscreen. I pretty much agree with the negative reviews and will spend my next $180 ticket price on a show in New York.

2.0 star rating Gabriella from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


My uncle got tickets for us to see this show. With all the advertising and propaganda I heard about this show, I was expecting something truly incredible. I've seen many shows, musicals, performances, cirque de solei's so my expections were really high. Reviews said its the "greatest show on earth"... Really?? Quite frankly it was so bland, even bordering on boring. Yes, lovely costumes and synchronized dancing, but very repetitive, simple and boring. Most of the people we spoke to around us felt the same way. You almost feel like you were fooled and ripped off. Save your time and especially money. It is not a cheap venue, but wow... whoever is doing the advertising for this show are certainly brilliant... or really pushing the truth...

2.0 star rating Gracie from Detroit, Michigan


Was really looking forward to a great show and left feeling very disappointed. Paid alot of money for our box seats at The Detroit Opera March 2019, should have bought tickets to something else. There were a few good numbers but the rest seemed copies of the one before. Also the baritone singer was really a waste of time. Such a disappointment.

2.0 star rating Gail Jones from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The advertisements for Shen Yun overstated what was presented. For $180 per ticket I expected something more than a projection screen for set preparation. The costumes were colorful but I kept thing there should be more. After a while it was kind or boring and repetitive. Add to that the bad seating at the Merriam Theater. There is an ever so slight incline for the front rows (we sat 7 rows from the front) so if a tall person (in the case of the person who went with me) or in my case a woman with proofed hair sits in front of you, then your view is obstructed during the entire show. Not something you expect when you pay $360 for tickets. I use a walker and the ushers were not accommodating. They instructed my friend where to take my walker. When I have gone to other shows the usher tags and takes my walker and brings it back at the end of the show (e.g., Cirque du Soliel). For my experience, the tickets are way too overpriced.

2.0 star rating PHILIP iSERINO, ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA from Orlando, Florida



2.0 star rating Jinnette from Orlando, Florida


The show offers beautiful setting, Excellent dancers, but the play is boring and the singer less than perfect.

2.0 star rating Starr King from Vancouver, British Columbia


I came to see a revival of a 5,000 year old art form only to have religion and politics shoved down my throat. I came to see dancing, not men dressed in black with the hammer and sickle painted on their backs beating up people. I feel sorry for the artists because they are highly skilled but I will never see this show again, nor will I recommend it to anyone.

2.0 star rating Kenneth Murray from Toronto, Ontario


Beautiful costumes for the most part - lovely dancing ( maybe they made it look too effortless} but boring. Antiquated special effects - good for the nineties but not for today. Overtly religious and political. Some scenes depicting torture were not appropriate for children. The singer (tenor) sang in Chinese with Falun Gong propaganda in English on the screen above him - almost laughable. Not what I expected at all from all the hype. Seating was great. There are really no bad seats at the Four Seasons Centre. Not recommended to anyone unless you are a Falun Gong follower

2.0 star rating Jackie Kalina from Santa Barbara, California


I had seen their adverts and expected an intense mind blowing performance. Paid over $300 for two tickets. Costume s were beautiful, content was the same and got to be boring. Kept waiting for the spectacular to happen and never did. Thought of leaving at intermission but thought It would getter. It didn’t. Plus, one felt they pushing a religious agenda and they WERE. We really felt “ripped off “. Would NEVER see it again. Tried to take the more sophisticated view this was Chinese ballet. NO, it was boring.

2.0 star rating Luisa I. from Toronto, Ontario


I have always wanted to see Shen Yun and after so many years I finally made it!!! What a disappointment... It is so beautifully advertised!!! I was expecting art and all I got was political and religious propaganda.. You have too see it in order to understand what I am talking about...or better don't.. save yourself some money.. I am not sure how people write amazing reviews about it. 19 themes with little or no connection between them.. praising God knows what God.. anti-communism propaganda.. this is what the show is all about.. it is not art... I am sorry to say it... sorry for the dancers who were really good... I also loved the orchestra... Four Seasons Center of Performing Arts venue is very beautiful... but ... but .. but .. I did not see what they advertised... why do they lie to people??? sooner or later everybody will figure this out... sad.... very sad...

2.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


Watched the Spokane WA show 4-13-19. If you watch the trailers for the show, and listen to the interviews of people who watched it, it appears to be one of the most fantastic shows produced. I have watched other Chinese performances that have far outdone this phony, over hyped, over religious performance. I traveled 210 miles and a hotel, plus 100.00 a ticket to see it. The Spokane chamber, the INB center, and anyone else in the Spokane area that promoted this should be ashamed of themselves. I will always second guess their judgement for performances I travel to now, and look for other venues. My 23 year old girl fell asleep during the performance, and I never heard the crowd so quiet when leaving one. Who is profiting from this? Two stars might be generous, but I allow it for effort and costume, not creativity or talent. And please, someone take those two monotone MC's off stage, and get rid of the so called bass singer. I would not travel to see this show, nor pay 50.00 per.

2.0 star rating Ctjed from Hartford, Connecticut


Leaping, swirling, colorful costumes, lots of scarves. Repeat the formula again and again ... , intermixed with anti Communist propaganda. In comparison to Cirque du Soleil, these guys are amateurs. Advertising promises a performance that will touch your soul. The only thing touched was my wallet.

2.0 star rating Patrice from Costa Mesa, California


I was so excited to see Shin Yun after watching the commercials each year. I couldn’t wait to watch the dancers fly through the air effortlessly. Mannnn was I so disappointed. I spent $230 on two tickets only to walk out during the intermission and we were not the only ones that left. I gave 2 stars for the female dancers and their costumes. Yes the female’s costumes were gorgeous and bursting with color, but after the first 45 mins, I was bored. I kept waiting and hoping the show to “pickup”. I kept waiting for the excitement the commercials gave me every time I saw them. Nothing of the kind happened for me! The best part was the female dancers in their beautiful costumes but even they seem to run out of steam or repeat many of same moves with each scene. There were no surprises and no climatic moments. The male dancers were totally boring and performed a lot of backflips across the stage like gymnasts. Definitely not worthy of $130 per ticket. The CGI screen was actually cool but not attention grabbing enough to keep me interested for 2 hours. For each scene, they had narrators come out and tell you the story of what you were about to see next. I found this constant interruption weird and disruptive. You don’t need a narrative when you go to the opera which is often in another language. Whyyyyyy do they think we need an explanation for each of the approx. 20 dance sequences. Obviously, the outtakes they use for the commercials wasn’t the show I just watched. I've read they create a new show each year, but whomever created today’s show has nowhere near the vision and exciting choreography shown in the commercials. This was not my cup of tea, not at all the high level of artistry I was expecting and unfortunately an expensive lesson learned.

2.0 star rating Mad Sto from Madison, Wisconsin


Repetitive. More regimented than skilled or artistic. The first 20 minutes were lovely, but it never got better. We left at intermission.

2.0 star rating Fluffy Wondertuffs from Ottawa, Ontario


An extremely expensive but mercifully short show by a ballet group that bills itself as "the world's premier classical Chinese dance and music company." Deceptively these aren't members of Falun Gong but instead recycled, cell phoned, footloose members of the "out of work" dancers guild of the Juilliard school in New York City. They were nicely costumed, accompanied by an "Eastern Pop" Symphony Orchestra, backed by "out of date" stage props complete with dry ice and further backed by a seemingly bottomless publicity budget. About the most exciting thing was the silver-haired bat (native to eastern Ontario) that was flying around Southam Hall during the first half of the show. The unfortunate rodent was later driven out of the premises by the shrill, Dolly Parton on Helium musings of a wobbly soprano dutifully forcing out a 50 word religious song. In a 2012 statement, the Chinese embassy in Washington issued a warning to Americans who might have been swayed by all the Shen Yun posters that appear annually in almost every conceivable urban location in our major cities. Well, if the all powerful, organ harvesting, 5G network meddling Chinese government is so affected by this show I think perhaps we should heed their ominous warning before we fork out the $160CDN per ticket .

2.0 star rating John Buchser from Santa Fe, nm


Albuquerque two years ago. Our local orchestras are much better. They have multiple sets of performers and orchestras, some may be better. They were clear they were presenting 'a perspective' of China. Having lots of performers of mediocre quality is not the way to impress the public. Some of the costuming interesting. Astounding amount of TV advertising in advance. Granted that I'm spoiled by high quality events in Santa Fe including world-class opera. Shen Yun might be interesting if you live in a very small town with no alternatives.

2.0 star rating D. Rigoni from Chicago, Illinois


Seating was not great. We were in a balcony section that had a cross bar at eye level which disrupted our view of half the stage. I am not prone to negative reviews but must say advertisements for Shen Yun are rather misleading. Show was not as energized, athletic or fast paced as marketing would lead one to believe and the spiritual/religious/political messages peppered throughout the performance were clearly the primary agenda. I was not prepared for that. Costuming is lovely but numbers did seem repetitious and less challenging than expected. Tickets were pricey. I would not recommend this unless one understands and is interested in the true message and agenda of Shen Yun.

2.0 star rating KDdid from Phoenix, Arizona


Background: "Falun Gong," a Chinese religious practice, was introduced in 1992 by Li Hongzhi. Shen Yun is simply a collection Falun Gong dogmatic 'finger-pointing,' with (albeit entertaining) interspersed choreographed musical numbers. At best, condescension, at worst, disguised indoctrination.

2.0 star rating Julie from Tucson, Arizona


Maybe it was because my seats were on the aisle, maybe my expectations were too high, maybe what they showed in the commercials seemed really impressive, I don't know. My friend and I have wanted to see this for years and we finally accepted the price and got tickets. Again, maybe that anticipation built up our hopes too high. Well, bottom line, we were bored. Dancing, impressive leaps, mind blowing flexibility...None of that! A lot of quick walking and arm movements. The costumes were pretty and they were uniformed in their performance but again, not at all impressive and truly boring. Supposedly the choreography changes every year and maybe this must wasn't their year but I would never invest that ticket price again and take the chance that it could be better next time. I'm sorry for the bad review but we were highly disappointed.

2.0 star rating EWD from Winnipeg, MB


The performers were in great shape, but the routines were sort of the same throughout. The show was promoted at China's history, arts and music. I heard NO historic instruments from China. The seat price is three times what the show is worth.

2.0 star rating Piper Hall from Las Vegas, Nevada


I think the promotions are very misleading. Most of the dances were very boring. The plot was very childish. Then, all of a sudden at the end, communism is brought up and even religion which I could not help but laugh at its gall to have a hidden message, promoting their own means rather than the art of the various Chinese dances. Don't spend too much money buying good seats. It's not worth it.

1.5 star rating AvidTheatreLover from Charlotte, North Carolina


The use of a massive background movie screen showing cartoon characters literally bouncing around during a series of repetitive dance routines, 5000 years of Chinese history is not. I kept thinking a Monty Python type cartoon character of God was going to pop up and make some farcical statement to us. The male and female MC's were uninteresting and boring while constantly referring back to their Falun Gong religion - which this show is essentially all about, and which no mention is made prior to arriving. I am not accustomed to having to Google and verify a ballet performance prior to attending it, but after this experience, I realize I will now have to do so. There were a couple musical pieces that helped avoid making this a total waste of time and money. We have attended and enjoyed ballet, opera, comedy, plays over the last 30 years - Over all this was simply awkward and unimaginative with few bright spots - none of which came close to the quality of past theatre experiences.

1.0 star rating Rae from Minneapolis, Minnesota


This show was political. The dancers and dance was beautiful, clothes wonderful but the purpose was doubtful. Would not see it again and after some research will not suggest for others to see it.

1.0 star rating Sue from St Paul, Minnesota


I have seen great classical Chinese performances by other companies. I expected the same superb quality from Shen Yun, especially for the exorbitant price. Sadly, although I appreciated the instrumentalists and the costumes, most of the dances were unimpressive. The compulsory Falun Dafa propaganda spoiled the show. I have a bad feeling about who is profiting from the ticket sales.

1.0 star rating Anonymous from Minneapolis, Minnesota


We were extremely disappointed. This show is NOT about Chinese performing arts, it's about a hidden political and religious agenda that is forced on the audience. My wife and I will never see this show again nor will we ever suggest others to go.

1.0 star rating Maria star from Springfield, Illinois


The show was very disappointing. All the dances seemed the same. The anouncesr between the dances were so monotonous. The show was slow moving and boring. Would not recommend it. People were leaving in the middle.

1.0 star rating JAnderson from Toronto, Ontario


watched this back in Vancouver. It was not as advertised. I would call it a scam and hope everyone search for reviews before going to the show. total waste of money

1.0 star rating Shell from San Antonio, Texas


I spent alot of money and left extremely disappointed. I also paid for valet. Which was an absolutely mess. The stage also look really old. It was entertaining but lost interest. I feel like i totally wasted my money. Maybe my expectations were too high. I wanted to leave early but i stayed because i already paid an arm and a leg.

1.0 star rating Wendy from Houston, Texas


My in-laws purchased tickets for my husband and I to see this show with them. Before the show started, they go on and on about not taking photos. Ok. Weird, but that certainly can be distracting. The show starts and they are announcing in English and in Mandarin. I love that. It makes my father-in- law happy, and that is good! The dancers come out, skilled, and in beautiful costumes. Then they start to sound like a cult. Everyone who isn’t Falun Gong will perish in what looked like a massive tsunami. No more technology! Add that in to the campy humor, and you have one upset family. My husband and I felt like it was an indoctrination to a cult. His parents felt it was too political. China isn’t winning any awards on humanitarian efforts here, but come on. They really felt like a cult. Don’t bother going. The dances are the same steps and movements, just in different costumes. The theater was amazing though. Maybe Cirque du Soleil will come to town.

1.0 star rating Jim from New York, New York


‘Shen Yun’, a performing arts company founded in 2006, gradually expanded over the years and their tours around the world are in the name of traditional Chinese culture, but have been controversial in China. It is regarded as a microphone of ‘Falun Gong’ in China, engaged in the anti-government propaganda. After viewing the performance of ‘Shen Yun’, some audiences in western country assumed that it carried a rude political motive with a low artistic level. “After the intermission, everything was crystal clear. Shen Yun is nothing more than a podium for Falun Dafa/Falun Gong.” On March 26, 2017, Michael Duell, a reader from Phoenix, Arizona, wrote a letter to after watching the show, which referred to ‘Falun Gong’ Shen Yun perform was a deceptive show, and argued that Shen Yun was behind the show, and the so-called art director, was the leader of ‘Falun Gong’, Hongzhi Li with an alias of D.F.. He said: “After the intermission, everything was crystal clear. Shen Yun is not

1.0 star rating Rebecca C from New York, New York


Only one dance kept my attention. Found myself wanting to leave a few minutes in but stayed because my daughter was so excited to see it and I didn’t want to ruin her day. The religious aspect was in your face and annoying. The dancing was only okay.

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